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Imprinted concrete will add class to your home

A front of house with pattern imprinted concrete

Patterned concrete gives your home a charming finish

Pattern imprinted concrete is stylish and durable and works for a number of different outside areas and is great for garden design ideas. If you want garden paving around a swimming pool, on a patio or a new pathway, then come to The Driveway And Patio Company.

The patterned concrete we install is low maintenance and can create a gorgeous entrance or surround to your home. There is a large selection of colours and finishes for you to choose from and the patterns we can create are limitless. Whatever you want, we'll install it for you with a minimum of disruption to your daily life. To find out what we can do for your home, contact us.

Pattern imprinted concrete outside a house

The patterned imprinted concrete process

The ground being prepared

The ground is prepared and site marked out

Each of our jobs starts with carefully marking out where the paving will be installed. The ground is then excavated and all waste material removed from site.

Application of the base layer

Application of the base layer

The next stage is to install a suitable sub-base. This is one of the most critical stages of the process as correct preparation is extremely important for the final finish. For concrete to stand the test of time a flat, well compacted, base is essential. We only use materials specified by the British standards institute for quality concrete driveways.

The concrete is applied

The concrete is applied

Our specialised Fibre Reinforced Concrete is laid by our fully trained team using specialist tools. The concrete mix we use is 30 Newton strength concrete which is equivalent to the strength of concrete used on airport runways, giving a highly durable and long lasting surface. The garden paving, patio or driveway takes shape.

The concrete path is levelled

The concrete driveway, patio or path is levelled

Using specialist tools, we work the surface to give a smooth finish that is laid to the correct falls. This ensures the finished project is free of puddles.

The surface colour hardener is added

Surface colour hardener is added

The chosen colour hardener is applied, this is a powdered substance produced to BS5750 standards. Once applied and at just the right time this is trowelled into the concrete so that it becomes a part of the integral slab, not a separate layer on top. To add to the durability of printed concrete, surface colour hardener is three times stronger than concrete (100 Newton's crush strength).

The stylish design is added

The stylish design is added

After trowelling and whilst the concrete is still pliable, the pattern is imprinted. There is an endless choice of colours and patterns available to suit any situation. We've got pattern imprinted concrete for all tastes.

The concrete sets

The concrete sets

Now it's time to let the concrete harden before final landscaping can take place.

Landscaping is added

Landscaping can be added to complete the project

Landscaping brings the whole project to life and blends the paving beautifully into its surroundings. You can now bring out the furniture and enjoy your new patio, pathway or driveway. With the minimum of maintenance your paving will look good for many, many years.

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Pattern imprinted concrete

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Pattern imprinted concrete being laid

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Pattern imprinted concrete

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